Sweet Pink Sugar Jumbo Cupcake Bath Bomb

$ 11.00

NewYork's Bathhouse Jumbo bath bomb cupcakes. These cupcakes are big enough to spilt for 2 baths!

A fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam on a dry down of musks.

These lovely bath bombs have been formulated to moisturize you skin while you sit back and relax in your hot tub. Our cupcake tops makes bubbles!

How to use our awesome moisturizing bath bomb cupcakes.
1. After you have showered to remove all the dead skin, place cupcake icing under the running water while you wait for it fill up because our cupcake tops make bubbles! 
2. When your tub is full and already smells wonderful with bubbles, remove paper cup from bottom half of the bath bomb and place in your tub.
3.Watch it fizz up making your tub a beautiful color with some glitter and foam!
4. Lay back and relax while our bath bombs moisturize your skin.

Cupcakes weighs 11oz
Contains SLS, cocoa butter & shea butter.

Handmade Fresh in New York City.