It's My Birthday! Solid Bubble Bar

It's My Birthday! Solid Bubble Bar

$ 8.50

The buttery smell of fresh baked vanilla cake with butter cream icing & sprinkles!

These bubble bars have been formulated to Moisturize your skin with creamy and fluffy fun bubbles while you relax in the hot tub. Not only do they leave your skin feeling hydrated, you'll smell fabulous all day and sparkling with some glitter!

Weighs 5oz.

How to use our awesome moisturizing solid bubble bars.
After you have showered to remove all the dead skin, hold bar under the running water while you wait for it fill up. You'll start to see bubbles pile up! You can agitate the water to help build up more bubbles.

Contains SLS, due to vanilla product may discolor over time.

Handmade fresh in New York City.