Deluxe Bath Bomb Box

Deluxe Bath Bomb Box

$ 94.95

This huge box is full of 26 full size bath bombs. Perfect gift for the one that loves baths to experience all the different colors & fragrance combinations.

16 3.5oz Bath bombs

•Paris by YSL
•Pumpkin Crunch Cake
•Sweet Almond
•Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
•Aromatherapy Relaxation
•Blackberry Fizz
•Cannabis Flower
•Chance by Chanel
•Christmas Splendor
•Hot Couture
•Cherry Bomb
7 6oz Bath Bombs
•Cotton Candy
•Pink Sugar
•Midnight Romance Mist
•Moon Flower
•Rock Candy
•Jasmine Lavender & Cider
2 4.6oz Bath Bombs
•Best Friends
• Blackened Amethyst
1 11oz Bath Bombs
•Day Dreaming
Comes packaged in a huge box tied with a bow & tag. Enjoy free shipping in the U.S!

Handmade Fresh in New York City.